As someone new to business and launching a brand I kind of had to wear all hats in my business.  I will admit that I don't know everything and I really don't care to know everything because I know it is impossible.

So I knew it was very important to get my website in front as many people as possible because lets face it thats where everybody is looking for everything.  I knew the basics of websites and search but as far as being an expert I was n where near one.  The first city I wanted to target of my product was Portland, OR.  So I decided to hire a company that provides Portland SEO services.  I found one and let me tell you I found a diamond in the rough.

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Welcome back and I really hope you enjoy this amazing post.

When I started out on my amazing journey I ran into a lot of roadblocks.  But then again everyone that has had some success has come across their fair share of road blocks.

But the one thing that always helped me get away from my road blocks was none other that Google.  Thats right all I had to do was google the problem I was having and I usually found some kind of solution.  Now if google was not working then I went to youtube.  Regardless the information is out their if you want to find it.

Usually when I would use google I would usually find my solution somewhere on Wikipedia because they have everything and when I say everything I mean everything.  Wikipedia pretty much has taken over for the encyclopedia.  Anyone 30+ knows what I mean by an encyclopedia.  Remember the commercials for encyclopedia Britannica?  I do.  Seems just like yesterday that David Spade was doing those commercials.  Anyways to get back on subject those are no longer in existence.  The World Wide Web has taken over the encyclopedia. ...continue reading The world wide web of information

Hi and welcome here to my awesome blog  I am going to be revealing some awesome stuff here such as how I got my product and brand out and some awesome SEO stuff I used to make m product a success.

If you read the about page you will see that I grew up as a natural kid as in I was not allowed to eat fast food or anything like that.  Which as a kid I hated but now I appreciate.  Its funny how stuff like that always works out.

When I went to college and binged on everything especially fact food I gained 30 pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol skyrocketed.  So what I learned was that my parent actually kind of did know what they were talking about.  Healthy living and eating does really make you feel and and be healthy.

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