I know that the title sound kind of weird but stick with me here and I will explain it all to you.

I was going to a fashion show in Portland and I needed a limo in the worst way because you have to show up in style at a fashion show so I did a search in Google.  This particular show was going to be in Beaverton which is a suburb of Portland.  I When I did a particular search Limo beaverton kept showing up.  First I saw Limo Beaverton in Yelp.  I know Yelp is popular but I did not know you could find it on the Google search results.

Then the next result was the Limo Beaverton Facebook Page.  I was happy to see that because I know and trust Facebook and their reviews are legit from what I hear people say.

So then I was curious of where exactly this company was and I found them on Google maps here https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=z00mFUKQdtss.kDpUx649L-Rg&msa=0&ll=21355dd463&spn=78jhascvsvdc&iwloc=svsavsvasvvd3

In case you were curious about it being a real company here is the proof.  I got the proof and it was good enough for me.  I called the company and the service I got was the best.

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As I said earlier that this blog is where I am going to be telling you stories about me and other peoples success  online and offline.

This story is one where I had a friend that found some amazing success with a offline product.  But the fun part of the story is how made this product a huge success by marketing it online.  And the product he had amazing success with was hangers.  Yes you heard me correctly it was hangers.

He found a product that everyone uses but found a small niche within the product line that nobody was really doing.

First thing he did was create an e-commerce website and then he created the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/copperhangers

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