Fashion Hangers?

As I said earlier that this blog is where I am going to be telling you stories about me and other peoples success  online and offline.

This story is one where I had a friend that found some amazing success with a offline product.  But the fun part of the story is how made this product a huge success by marketing it online.  And the product he had amazing success with was hangers.  Yes you heard me correctly it was hangers.

He found a product that everyone uses but found a small niche within the product line that nobody was really doing.

First thing he did was create an e-commerce website and then he created the Facebook page

Then he learned the amazing world of PPC, SEM, and SEO.

But what he got really good at was SEO.  He found a way to get his website and Facebook page on the first page of Google for almost everything.  It was truly amazing.

When he was getting ranked ahead of these really big companies they started to take notice which got his phone ringing with some really interesting calls.  He eventually got his hangers in the Container Store.  Which as many know is a huge nation wide store.  After that deal he was pretty much printing money and living large.

Eventually he ended up selling his company to Bed Bath and Beyond.  He never told me the amount but I am sure it was for a lot of money.

What I find real amazing about the story is that he found a small niche in the fashion industry and he made a huge success.

Fashion and clothes is a huge market that people are always trying to get into.  But my real fascination was his thinking.  He had the California gold rush mentality.

What I mean by that people made money digging for gold but the people that made the real money were the ones selling all the supplies to the gold diggers.  My friend had the same mentality.  People make money designing and selling clothes but the barriers to entry are super hard so why not find a niche and supply supporting products for the fashion industry.

I tell you my friend is pure genius.  When ever I try and think of a new idea I just think of his gold rush theory.

It also helped that his hangers which happen to be copper were an amazing product that was just starting to take off in retail stores.  You should see these hangers.  They are fashionable and they are sturdy.  You do pay a pretty penny for them but they will last you a lifetime.  I really do not see a way for these to break unless someone is trying really hard to break them.  And they look really good in a closet.  If you are trying to impress then it all really starts in the closet and I mean hangers.

Guests want their jackets to be on the best and with these they get that.

Check them out when you get a chance.