SEO Expert

As someone new to business and launching a brand I kind of had to wear all hats in my business.  I will admit that I don't know everything and I really don't care to know everything because I know it is impossible.

So I knew it was very important to get my website in front as many people as possible because lets face it thats where everybody is looking for everything.  I knew the basics of websites and search but as far as being an expert I was n where near one.  The first city I wanted to target of my product was Portland, OR.  So I decided to hire a company that provides Portland SEO services.  I found one and let me tell you I found a diamond in the rough.

They weren't cheap but I guess as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and they definitely came through.  I got my website everywhere and people were buying my products like crazy.  All I can say is this company was amazing.  They did warn me that I had to be patient because it does take time and it did but in the end they came through.

Luckily they did everything white hat and legit so I have never got hit by any of the penalties that the search engines do to website that are trying to cheat the system.  They were miracles.

I will admit that I did at first try doing all the SEO by myself and I got lost and ended up doing nothing except throwing my computer against a wall.

The worst place I found information was actually wikipedia.  I love wikipedia but everything they had to say about search engine optimization really confused me.  It was over my head.

I really think I am an intelligent person but I guess some things is best to leave to other people to do and be an expert in.  My area of expertise is health and wellness and launching products.  I thought it would be easy to add another area of expertise but was I ever wrong.  I learned it is best to let other people be experts in other stuff and stick with what I am good at.

If you do your research you will find that some of the most successful people in the world are not experts in everything and actually a lot of them are not really experts in anything.  What they are good at is knowing themselves and realizing that it is good to surround yourself with the best people ever.  Or I should say experts in all other fields.  Actually what a lot of some of the most successful people are experts in is themselves and other people.  They know how to control themselves and how to really truly motivate other people.

Motivating other people is something I am going to have to write a whole new post on.  Motivating people to do what you want to do is an amazing talent and especially having them do it without hating or resenting you.

It's amazing how people can resent a boss so the magic is to be able to give orders but also be respected for giving the orders.  Some of the best business people in the world were able to do it.  So I hope I have that gift and it is something I am working on and will work on when I hire more employees.  The key is to have at least 1 or 2 employees that you have an open connection with.

I got a little off subject there but my website was everywhere in the Portland area.  Then I wanted to expand and talk to my friends in Portland and I found out that they service everywhere in the USA so we started to blanket America.

It took a lot longer in some cities and regions but it paid off because other cities it took no time at all so while we were waiting for some of the big cities to kick in we were killing it in the smaller cities.

You have to have patience because it always pays off to be patient.

My one piece of advice is to not and try to figure it all out by yourself and go ask for help especially when it comes to all this website stuff.

Till Next Time,