SEO Limo Fashion

I know that the title sound kind of weird but stick with me here and I will explain it all to you.

I was going to a fashion show in Portland and I needed a limo in the worst way because you have to show up in style at a fashion show so I did a search in Google.  This particular show was going to be in Beaverton which is a suburb of Portland.  I When I did a particular search Limo beaverton kept showing up.  First I saw Limo Beaverton in Yelp.  I know Yelp is popular but I did not know you could find it on the Google search results.

Then the next result was the Limo Beaverton Facebook Page.  I was happy to see that because I know and trust Facebook and their reviews are legit from what I hear people say.

So then I was curious of where exactly this company was and I found them on Google maps here

In case you were curious about it being a real company here is the proof.  I got the proof and it was good enough for me.  I called the company and the service I got was the best.

I really showed up to the fashion show in style which is what is expected of you at a fashion show.

But what I was amazed was, was the seo work that was done to this website.  They were everywhere.  So I called up the webmaster of this company which I got the name through the driver and secretary and he told me what he was doing.

Pretty much all he was doing was exactly what Google wants him to do which is make sure is on page optimization is correct and by doing that he is loaded into webmaster tools which tells him everything.  Then he wrote a bunch of articles on his blog so he could gain exposure to his website which caused a lot of people to look at and link to his website.  He was what people call natural white hat SEO which at the end of the day is what wins.

I was amazed what this guy was able to achieve.  So I went and applied these strategies to my website and I saw amazing results.  I loved this guy he just boosted the effectiveness of my website a ton.

So what I suggest is to go to fashion shows in style in a limousine and then go get your website ranked higher in Google by doing simple easy SEO tactics.