The world wide web of information

Welcome back and I really hope you enjoy this amazing post.

When I started out on my amazing journey I ran into a lot of roadblocks.  But then again everyone that has had some success has come across their fair share of road blocks.

But the one thing that always helped me get away from my road blocks was none other that Google.  Thats right all I had to do was google the problem I was having and I usually found some kind of solution.  Now if google was not working then I went to youtube.  Regardless the information is out their if you want to find it.

Usually when I would use google I would usually find my solution somewhere on Wikipedia because they have everything and when I say everything I mean everything.  Wikipedia pretty much has taken over for the encyclopedia.  Anyone 30+ knows what I mean by an encyclopedia.  Remember the commercials for encyclopedia Britannica?  I do.  Seems just like yesterday that David Spade was doing those commercials.  Anyways to get back on subject those are no longer in existence.  The World Wide Web has taken over the encyclopedia.But I find it amazing that with all of the online and Facebook groups that I am a part of that people ask a lot of ridiculous questions when all they have to do is go to google or youtube to find their answers.  It seems that a lot of people are helpless when it comes to finding their own answers.  It honestly is easier to go to google and the in your question than it is to ask your question in a group or forum.  For one in google you are not waiting a day or two for an answer and you are being resourceful and learning.  I guess what I am venting about is that people need to be resourceful and go get the answers.  the world of information is at your fingertips.

So go out and get your information yourself.  If yo really want to be a successful entrepreneur then yo are going to have to go out and hustle and find your own answers and the best place to do that is on the internet.  Even if you have a friend that has all of the answers you are going to wear them out so go and get your information yourself.  Thats right I am calling you out and telling you to do something yourself.

So if you ever feel like asking someone an important question please try and find it yourself first.  Its amazing how many times someone has asked me a question and I want to google found the answer and gave it to them and then they thought I was a genius.  That honestly happens everyday.  No joke it does.

Google is your friend so start treating it like that and stop being so helpless.  The world wide web is at your fingertips and go get it now.

Be a Google master and you will and can master almost anything.

Till next time.