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Hi and welcome here to my awesome blog esakgarcia.net.  I am going to be revealing some awesome stuff here such as how I got my product and brand out and some awesome SEO stuff I used to make m product a success.

If you read the about page you will see that I grew up as a natural kid as in I was not allowed to eat fast food or anything like that.  Which as a kid I hated but now I appreciate.  Its funny how stuff like that always works out.

When I went to college and binged on everything especially fact food I gained 30 pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol skyrocketed.  So what I learned was that my parent actually kind of did know what they were talking about.  Healthy living and eating does really make you feel and and be healthy.


That discovery was mind blowing.

Once I started eating and living healthy everything changed for me:

  • I got better grades
  • I was happier
  • I was not always tired
  • People started to like me
  • I got girlfriends

It's amazing that once you start liking for yourself and caring for yourself it really attracts people to you.  People like to see and follow a healthy confident person.

So my question is why are we not always like that?

So I decided to research that question and fund out that people want to be like that but don't know how or don't have the time.

So that is why I went on a extensive research to find the perfect supplant and I found it.


It really is one of those miracle supplements.  I knew it was but I had to convince a skeptical public that it was also.

So I had to learn marketing and that is just what I did.  I learned about copywriting, PPC, SEM, and SEO.

I also learned that I can not do it all and I had to put some of my trust in other people that knew more than me so I had to outsource.

And I have some awesome stories about all of that which I am going to share in some later posts.  So stay tuned for some awesome content.

To your success,


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